Reimbursement Guide

Reimbursement Guide

This ARISTADA Reimbursement Guide provides an overview of useful information for healthcare key aspects of coding, coverage, and payment for treatment with ARISTADA® (aripiprazole lauroxil) in the following settings of care:

  • Provider offices
  • Community mental health centers (CMHCs)
  • Partial hospitalization treatment programs
  • Hospital outpatient
  • Hospital inpatient

Tips for using this guide

The ARISTADA Reimbursement Guide is designed to help patients gain access to treatment with ARISTADA based on the patient’s insurance coverage, payer type, and site of care.


This is not a guarantee of payment, coverage, or reimbursement. Alkermes does not provide any advice, recommendation, guarantee, or warranty relating to coverage, reimbursement, or coding for any product or service. Healthcare providers are responsible for determining coverage and reimbursement information and ensuring the accuracy and completeness of claim submissions for their patients. Coding, coverage, and reimbursement vary significantly by payer, patient, and setting of care and are subject to change. Additional information may exist. Actual coverage and reimbursement decisions are made by individual payers.